The Beginning

My story starts in the Black Shroud, and it's not a part of the story that I greatly enjoy telling, if I'm honest, so I'll keep it brief:

If you know anything about Keeper culture - which I don't expect you to, between the traditional reclusivity of my people and the lies the Gridanians whisper about us - you'll know that we are traditionally matriarchal. I have five brothers, all of whom took my mother's name: Puhla'a, Puhla'to, Puhla'li, Puhla'sae, and Puhla'ra. No daughters, much to my mother's disappointment, and perhaps even fear: without a daughter, my family's legacy would die with her. The women of my family practiced a traditional form of arcanistry, blending techniques whose roots could be traced back to the Allagans with those used by the Nymeans. It's fascinating, really, and I could perhaps offer you a lecture on the intricacies of adapting the scholarly arts to an environment without fae to draw upon, rather than-

Not so easily distracted, then. Alas.